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Greenwave Group LLC recruiting

RPO Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

During transitions times many clients use our RPO services to quickly meet deadlines, maximize budgets and improve productivity. Our clients can customized the solutions for their specific needs.

  • FULL RPO / End-to-end RPO

    • We handle everything involved in recruitment, from attracting candidates to performing exit interviews.


    • We handle only one or a few selective recruitment processes for your business. For example, we may handle tasks like recruitment marketing or candidate screening. 

    • Selective RPO / Limited RPO / Point-of-service RPO.


    • We handle recruitment for a very short project or service. This flexible model of RPO usually helps companies quickly find workers to meet an immediate hiring need or to provide support for hiring spikes.

Our RPO Services provides efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process. It relieves employers and HR professionals of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless experience for  candidates.

Management Services

  • Compliance & regulatory audits

  • Executive summaries

  • Talent advisory consultation

  • Management reporting

  • Setting recruitment processes​

  • Technology selection & implementation

On-Demand Services

  • Recruitment services & forecasting

  • Counseling services

  • Candidate sourcing

  • Application handling

  • Scheduling & conducting interviews

  • Background, degree & certification verification

  • Reference & recommendation verification

  • Technology & skills assessment

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